Week 6…….You sure write pretty

Grandpa, you sure write pretty.  Kids, if you had the nun I had for a teacher, we called her the warden. My knuckles, oh how I think back. She carried this wooden ruler with her everywhere. Crack, across the knuckles… You can write Tomaszewski  better then that!! Yes Sister Mary.

Let’s see you kids write cursive.  Grandpa, your funny… we swipe, tap, pinch talk to our laptops, our smart phones we don’t have to write. That takes to long. Once compulsory in schools, now not so much.  Countries such as Finland have dropped handwriting lessons. In the U.S. the requirement to learn cursive has been left out of core standards since 2013. Tell me I am not the “Last of the Mohicans”.  Is there anybody out there that still writes cursive? I’ll write back.


Week Five……. I See You

Saturday movie night, grand kids  sleeping over. Popcorn.. check,  drinks.. check, everybody go pee once the movie starts it doesn’t stop. But grandpa you go pee, that’s different I control the remote.  What we watching?  You’re going to like it,  AVATAR. In the move, the natives greet each other with three little words. I See You”! 

Have I ever asked someone,” how you doing” and kept walking … guilty, Come on to the slow moving car in front of me…. you know you can go faster then the speed limit…. guilty,  standing in the grocery line, and I pick the slowest moving clerk talking under my breath……. guilty!!! These sessions have made me step back. Three little words.

That’s how you make people feel seen. I understand who you are.  Not just noticed.  Not just looked at.  Not just listened to.  Seen.  Practicing patience. Saying yes to silence. Staying fascinated with people.  Grandpa, why are you crying? Because my children,

I See You!



Press Release

Rossford Record

by William Bedford


Michael Tomaszewski has funded a $25,000 scholarship fund granting a graduating senior, one young woman and one young man $1,000 towards a school of their choosing.  When asked why he was doing this.  Mike replied, when I was in school I think I spent more time in the Principal’s office then I did in the classroom, he laughed.

I wanted to do it for my mother, Karoline Tomaszewski.  She never had the opportunity to finish high school.  For sixteen years she “threw a mop”, cleaning the hallways and classrooms of this school. And she loved doing it, interacting with the students and teachers. Mike a graduate of 1964 volunteered his draft and entered the U.S. Army during the Vietnam conflict. Upon discharge he graduated from Owens Community College under the G.I. Bill.

When asked to reflect back, he said not everyone can be a hero.  Someone has to sit on the curb and clap as the parade goes by and that’s o.k.!  Something I discovered was that two things bring us all together, and that is “pain and tears”, that’s why we need each other.  To help lessen some of the pain and wipe some of the tears.

When I founded my e commerce company I wanted to share a idea where say a stay at home mom could  earn more than her full time working husband.  Where a dad could put his children through college already paid for. Where a average person could make above average income.  I never imagined the company would grow to over 50,000 distributors world wide.  So, now I wanted to start paying it forward, and felt it was a good idea to begin with these young men and women who have their bright future in front of them.

Well Mike in closing what one nugget of wisdom can you leave with our readers that helped move your career. Bill, it was something I learned many years ago.  It goes like this.  There once was a person who went to a wise old man and said, Wise old man I wrote my name into the sand but the tide washed my name away.  I carved my name into a tree, but the tree grew and covered my name away.  I chiseled my name into stone  but the wind wore my name away.  Wise old man, oh wise old man what must I do so that my name will be remembered?  The wise old man looked at me and said,  “write your name into the hearts of man, and your name will withstand the test of time.”





Week 4…..My brain is Changing

Wait a minute… Neuroplasticity? New path ways? My head was spinning.  It was time for me to reach for You Tube. There it was!! Tedx Talk – Dr. Lara Boyd “How Neuroplasticity gives you the power to shape the brain you want”.

Colors, shapes, cursive writing (deb you have lovely handwriting), my flash cards. Yes I swallowed the seed as in the reading to move to the next dimension. This is really interesting. Because my brain is telling me just like in the Wizard of Oz, “You’ve always had the Power my Dear, you just had to learn it for yourself”.

Meet Mike

Allow me to began by  saying I met Mark in a Networking event where he spoke before 10,000 people about 8 years ago. He electrified the audience. Yes, I have been there, done that, got the T-Shirt. I also have had to pick myself off the canvas a couple of times.

I married my high school sweetheart, and we have been married 49 years. We have three adult sons, and three grandchildren. We are a close family.

My profession is a mortgage home lender which I have been doing for 20 years licensed in Ohio and Michigan. Network marketing for about 10 years (still learning).

I enjoy fishing, golfing, am a member of the 100 Mile Swim Club at the local “Y”. I enjoy listening to Classical Solo piano, Film Scores, Contemporary Blues, Easy Listening.

For giving back I have volunteered for five years at hospice. After which it was time for me to move on. To much sadness. Learned to live every day as a gift. Try to make someones day a bright one every day.

Looking forward to hearing from each and everyone of you out there in the universe now that our ships have crossed paths. On to the next exciting chapter.


Week 3……..Abracadabra

The universal magic word, ABRACADABRA! Aramaic word from a language that predates Hebrew. A language spoken by Jesus.  Translation, “What I speak is what I create”.  Magicians use an internal patter.  Allow me to set the stage.  You want a prospect to drink your Kool-Aid.

People only act for self-serving reasons. (aka What’s in it for me?) no matter what they say or what you think.  How will this benefit me, they are thinking. People will never change their emotions or human desires.  Only their dress and tools will change.  They were the same in the 1700’s and will be the same in the 2700’s. The top three goals of everyone alive are food, love, and money.  Humans remain human.

Offer people something nice.  Stroke them.  You stroke me and, “You had me at ‘HELLO'”! (Jerry Maguire).

You at MMKA are part of a small group of above average people that will not settle for average, and are on the leading edge of growth, and incredible reinvention of yourselves.  Wait for it, wait for it……………. Did you feel the stroke?  How do feel about me now, now that I know you are one of the superior people in the world.  Don’t you think I’m so smart for being perceptive. Now you will allow me to step into your world.  Attach their name to their goal, food, love, money.  Help them achieve the basic desires and they will in turn help you achieve your goals as if by magic.

On to the next exciting path, maybe writing my/your internal patter, until then…..ABRACADABRA!

Week Two -What if I fail

People  are not afraid of change.  Most people pull for change.  Rather people fear of what it will or will not bring.  They anticipate a pain in the butt.  No one is motivated by a pain in the butt!  Myself included. How is drinking this cool-aid different from all the other flavors I have tried?

On the highway of life it doesn’t matter what mile marker your at. The fear is that you will run out of fuel on the way to your destination.  If the path is life, and the vehicle is you. The fuel supply is your belief system.

-to be continued